Update after Irma’s Visit to MRV Resort

Sorry it has taken me so long to give you an update since Irma’s unwanted arrival. You understand that we did not invite her to come here. Ha Ha
I am going to write this as I kept my notes from beginning til now.

My first written notes were 9-12-17.
Hi to all MRV residents and friends. We survived a category 3 hurricane on September 9-10. We are still without power as I write this blog. It is hot, very humid and hard to be out in for very long at a time, only weather temperature bottled water to drink – aren’t we spoiled being used to lights, AC, internet and ICE.
The park has much cleanup to do but all in all we were very fortunate.

The park was evacuated at noon Thursday Sept. 7 so our folks could possibly miss the terrible traffic headed North the next day.
We got 6 inches of rain during the storm and Brian (house out front) was flooded in. It was not into his house but I teased him for living in a castle with a moat all the way around! Water was up to the visitor parking area in the front yard, but no flooding inside the park itself beyond the parking area. The ponds are over full

All RVs and Park Models are upright. Some RV’s moved due to the high winds. We had lots of skirting damage to all park models, along with some siding, some lost shingles, (mostly mine) but all in all we fared very well compared to others. Some of our RVs on site sustained damage to awnings and skirting, but thank the Lord they are all standing tall.

As soon as power is restored and the lift stations are operational, I can call people to come back and then the clean up can begin.
9/16/17 12:05 Yeah, power company is here. I am optimistic, I even plugged in my cell phone hoping to get it’s first full charge in days. Hooray!!!! power came on at 1:30, AC is working, lift station is working, it’s time for our people to come back. Now the clean-up starts.

9/19/17 Randy Weber, our new maintenance manager, is here and we are getting started. DJ and Cheryl will be here the end of the week and will also be pitching in. Skirting and other pieces of “stuff” that blew thru the air is being picked up and we sure notice the difference as clean-up continues.

9/20/17 Late afternoon. Internet is back up. What a relief!

9/25/17 We have lost some trees and have found a tree service that will clean them up for us. We have a roofing and siding guy here to fix up the siding on the front clubhouse and the roof on the back clubhouse. As areas are picked up, the mower follows and, as of writing this blog, we are looking good. We are still unable to mow the front yard as it is still too wet, but it will happen soon.

So when you return, don’t be surprised if there is still some skirting missing. The contractors are all very busy as this storm covered a very large portion of Florida. We were very blessed, if you could see some of the other areas around us.

We are OPEN and waiting for your return. Hurry back. MRV IS READY FOR SEASON!!!!

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