June 2016

June 2016
Summer and the rainy season are upon us. The grass almost grows in front of our eyes. It is such a beautiful green! The ponds are filling, which is nice to see. All we need is our fishermen back to enjoy them.

Bill and Jacob, along with Bryceson and Tim, keep the grounds mowed and trimmed, working on a daily basis (when it’s not raining or too wet). The rains have made numerous puddles in the front yard and the ditches are full so they have to wait for them to dry up before mowing those areas. Some of the trees have been trimmed and look very nice. Don’t you wish you were here to see it?

On Memorial Day we had 38 people for a hamburger/hot dog cookout. The food was plentiful and delicious. Wish you had been here. We are planning another get-together, over food, of course, for the Fourth of July.

We hope your summer is going well and that all are staying healthy. We are sorry to report that 2 of our former guests have passed away, Paul Emile Carrier and Nancy Gaiser. Our thoughts are with the families.

We look forward to your return in the fall. For those who have not made their reservations yet, we urge you to do so as quickly as possible.
See you soon and stay well!!

Theda and the gang

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