2017- 2018 Season

April 12, 2018

The season is winding down fast and what a terrific season it has been!

Easter was early this year and some folks have started for home. I really don’t understand why they want to head North already with the weather the way it is. We have had some folks extend their stay due to that very reason.

This has been an exceptional season. We have had endless activities, delicious food, great entertainment, superb music, wonderful fellowship and terrific volunteers.

We started the season in November with a dinner honoring our veterans. This was well attended for being so early in the season. Our activities started at this time because our petanque players could hardly wait to get started. Joanne volunteered to be the leader this year and the tournament is already being planned. All those pool players are looking forward to their tournament also. They sure do get excited and really start planning early. Charlie and Shirley, our activities directors, have really got a full calendar planned for this season. We had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with the turkey, ham, dressing and gravy provided by MRV and prepared by our kitchen staff.

December began with adding more activities to our already bulging calendar as more guests arrive. Our first mug-a-long, (bring your own mug along and enjoy the coffee and cookies), (formerly called the informational meeting). These get-togethers will be held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday mornings. After the first mug-a-long, our guys and gals decorated the clubhouse for Christmas and what a beautiful job they did. We replaced our Christmas tree this year as hurricane Irma destroyed the other one. Monthly, Mr. C will provide music for dancing and your listening pleasure on the 1st and 3rd Friday nights with Brigette doing Karaoke on the 2nd and 4th Friday nights. Our potluck dinners have started and are planned for the 1st and 3rd Saturday nights during the season. Weekly Jam sessions began with 15 players and a full house of listeners and dancers. What a great Monday evening. Herve and Helene were on the dance floor almost every song. Helene is our line dancing instructor this season and already some of our guests are asking for more than one lesson a week. There will now be lessons 3 times a week with folks from outside the park joining us.

Our Christmas celebrations were many this year. The Moore Haven middle and high school choir got us in the mood by performing their Christmas program. Brian, the director, does a fabulous job with the kids. The clubhouse was packed. What a wonderful group of young people. They certainly put us in a festive mood. Our MRV carolers went thru the park singing, we had our dirty Santa gift exchange, (hilarious), a Christmas party and a full house for Christmas dinner.

December ended with a very enjoyable New Year’s Eve party with Krystal Kleer providing the music and door prizes. What a wonderful couple. Once again the dance floor was crowded. The crowd enjoyed them so much that MRV was asked to book them again for next year.

I forgot to mention that our ice cream socials also started in November and our snack bar opened. Our pizzas remain the best in the area.

We experienced some cold weather in January but the fellowship was warm. We continued our potlucks and what a great bunch of cooks we have here at MRV. Activity participation continues to grow, bingo attendance is up, and all seem to be enjoying themselves. The one downfall was the weather which was too cold to go swimming and we also were replacing the pool heater. Our monthly breakfast and craft sale started this month and the kitchen crew prepared a lot of food. The petanque tourney had all courts full, and a ton of laughter and cheers could be heard throughout the park. MRV provided the lunch, hot dogs by Paul with all the fixings, and participants ended the event with freshly made pizzas at the end of the tourney.

In February, Mardi Gras had a full day of celebration. The baseball bang tourney was held on this day followed by the Mardi Gras parade. We had beautifully decorated bicycles, motorcycles and golf carts. That same evening a Cajun potluck was held with dancing to follow.
With Valentines Day falling the next day, we planned something different. We held a celebration at 8 PM after our men took their sweethearts out to dinner. Angelo outdid himself with beautifully decorated cakes which were served with ice cream. Roses were given to the two couples with the longest marriages and the newlyweds who have been married less than a year. The pool tourney was also held this month with Larry Haller as the winner. They had a great time. At our 2nd mug-a-long in February we held a bake sale auction to raise funds for our Moore Haven School projects. We sold beautiful, delicious looking baked goods and raised $257.00. Thanks to all our bakers and purchasers. Would you believe, we also had some homemade doggie treats for sale. Our water aerobics was started this month with 2 great leaders. Thank you, girls, for volunteering.

We have been fortunate this season to have a “veggie” man come to the park every week so we can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables.

As we started the month of March, tragedy came to MRV. Marquis Bolduc and 3 others were traveling by motorcycles. Marquis was riding point when a car made a left turn in front of him striking and killing him instantly. We were all in shock. In light of the tragic news we continued our scheduled event with Richard Kiser for entertainment that evening. He performed a beautiful tribute to Marquis. He brought along a friend, Dusty Aleman, to sing and he sounded just like Charlie Pride. Those who attended appreciated the performance which helped lighten the sadness a bit. A celebration of life was held March 27 with all Marquis’ brothers and sister, along with Ginette and her daughter and granddaughter attending. The clubhouse had a standing room only crowd. A motorcycle parade thru the park followed the event. There were many of Marquis’ motorcycle friends from outside the park in attendance. What an outpouring of love! On March 10 we held our monthly breakfast prepared and served by our kitchen crew. There were 93 hungry people fed. March 14th was our Appreciation Day lunch prepared by MRV. The cost to each guest was a non-perishable food item to be donated to the local food bank. We filled 8 boxes with food. Many said that they did not realize there were that many people in the park! On March 17th we had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day dinner followed by music and dancing.

The game room and pool tables have been full all season spilling out into the main clubhouse and also into the back clubhouse. Puzzles continue to be completed with new ones being started all the time. We are going to need some new challenges for all our puzzlers next season!

Easter was celebrated with a potluck dinner in the early afternoon. Ham was furnished by Bill Eckhart and numerous dishes were brought in to be shared by all. It was quite a feast!

During the season we held our 50/50 drawings each week with MRV’s share, plus the proceeds from the bake sale, being divided between four local school projects: Moore Haven Scholarship Fund, Moore Haven Middle-High School Music Department, Moore Haven Graduation Night and Moore Haven Youth Athletic.

We have had a wonderful, exciting season and really hate to see it end. We wish you all a safe journey home, good health and look forward to seeing you in the fall.

If you haven’t made your reservation yet, please do so as soon as possible as sites are filling fast.

Once again, thanks to all our staff, guests and volunteers for making this a very successful season.


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  1. Nice letter Theta. We also had a nice winter at MRV. Hope the fishing is better next season. Can’t wait to come back and renew old friendships.
    Bill Swanson Lot 154

  2. Theda I loved every moment this winter even when I was working. I have made so many new friends including you. We’re so happy to know we have found our winter home. Love reading your letter and remembering all these events. God willing and the creek don’t rise we will see you in November.

  3. Our 1st year was 2014 and we loved it here. We missed 2015 because of health but made it in 2016 and met more friends and had a great time. We missed 2017 because of health and made it here for this 2018 season. We have made more friends and renewed old friendships. We call this our winter HAPPY PLACE !! With JoAnn on oxygen and recovering from a couple broken bones, we haven’t been able to do everything we wanted to but have been part of everything we could. We have booked for next year and look forward to being healthy and being more involved next year. I am glad to have the chance to work with Dell and Bob at the Sheet Shooting, Handgun Range and Archery Range. We have plans for some improvements to all 3 next year and we thank all the people who participated with us. Thank you Theda for a great season , we will be enjoying the next couple weeks here and getting more pool time in.

  4. Our winter stay last year was great. The park is well maintained and the staff are excellent. There was some minor issues with the pool that people complained about but it was fixed and was an unexpected issue – so not the staff or companies fault. Looking forward to another great winter – see you when the snow flies up here in Newfoundland, Canada. BRRRRRR “keep that pool warm”

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