September News


Happy fall to all! Here I am again with a little news from the “M”.

It won’t be long now until those empty sites are filled. Season is fast approaching and we are rapidly preparing for your arrival. It is hard to believe that October is almost here.

Much, much work has been and will be done in the near future. Rain days are fewer now as the rainy season will soon be over. Mowing continues weekly for 2-3 days each week with 2 mowers running to get the park covered. Things are looking really great and I’m sure you will notice the difference.

We have had several folks in for 1 or 2 nights stays during the summer and it is always nice to meet new people and show off our resort. Some of those 1 nighters have booked for the coming season.

Just a friendly reminder for those of you who are pet lovers to please bring your license and up to date shot records with you as we need to keep copies in the office.




News from Paul Tremblay and Co. is that the St. Tite festival was a success and our resort was proudly presented. There will be new faces in the crowd this season! Thanks Paul, Celine, Normand and Hugette for a job well done.

Have you made your reservation yet? I understand that the northern winter is going to be as bad, if not worse, than last year (but I’m not trying to scare you). If you noticed from the picture above, those four have on jackets, and it is only September.

We are looking forward to the upcoming season, for your return and getting to know all the new folks that are joining us.

Greetings are being sent from Bill, Carol and Tim, as well as little old me.

Safe travels and happy camping.


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