MRV News 3.30.15

WOW! Where has our winter gone?  Greetings to all, whether you have just arrived or have been here for some time.  Yes, sorry to say, but people are leaving us and starting to go back North, Northeast, or many to the Midwest, not sure why, because I hear it’s still cold in all those places.  This has been a very enjoyable season for us and I hope you all can say the same.  Hope while you were here you got to relax, go sight-seeing, meet old friends, and make new ones.

Looking back on this season brings me to some facts that have taken place.  Would you believe that our first full week of activities started November 23rd?  With that being said, how many dance steps do you think Paul Tremblay and his line dancing group made?  Paul, we thank you and all your dancers for your artistic form of exercise and “Well Done”!

Following, on Monday nights we had our weekly jam sessions.  Would you believe we had an average of 15 musicians, 4 singers, and 72 people attending these sessions?  That adds up to 91 people every Monday night in our clubhouse.  By the way, most of the musicians came from other parks.  Job well done by Sonny Mullins.  He did a bang up job direction this.  Thanks to all.

On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings, plus every Wednesday night, Paul Tremblay and his petanque players played with their “boules”.  Also on Wednesday night and average of 41 people played Bingo.  The average winning per game was $21.88.  This did not include and Early Bird, Lucky 7, or Jackpot winnings.  To Patti, Theda, and the runners for their work, a Big Thanks!  We also had skeet shooting that many enjoyed.  Del, thank you for your help on this.