MRV News 2.23.15

February 23, 2015

Hello and welcome.  If this is your first visit with us, please make yourself at home.  We have a weekly calendar of events planned and hope that you will participate.

Let me start first by saying that if it is warm, the pool will be open.  I’m keeping my  fingers crossed.

Second, many of you have asked about our yellow water.  Let me assure you, it is fine, good to drink, etc… It is city water and we are first in place to get it since the water plant is just north of our park.  There is nothing we can do to correct this problem.

After out Meet & Greet today, we will have our Auction Bake Sale.  All proceeds are given to the local food bank.

On Wednesday Feb 25th, MASA will be here to present their program on Medical Air Service.  There will be a breakfast provided by them BUT you need to sign up.  The sign-up sheet is on the information board.

This Friday Feb. 27th, will be our last 8 Ball Pool Tournament.  If you enjoy playing pool, there is a spot open for you.  This starts at 1:00pm.

On Saturday Feb. 28th, we will be having a potluck (carry-in) at 5:00pm.  After this mean, “Elvis” will be coming to entertain us.  He will be starting his program at 7:00pm.  We hope you will come and enjoy his music and be entertained.

Moving on to events being planned for next week.  Mr. Paul Tremblay will be hosting a Petanque tournament on Saturday March 7th.  The starting time is posted on the sign-up sheet.  There will be a lunch served for those players in the tournament.

We will be having other events coming for the month of March.  They will be posted on the information boards as well as this newsletter, and calendar of events as they are finalized.

Carol, I, and MRV’s staff wish each of you a “Great Week”.

Bill and Carol