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Goodrich Wedding 8-8-15

Goodrich wedding August 8, 2015


August 10, 2015

Well, here I am back again after having a wonderful vacation with my family in Ohio. I hope your summer is as enjoyable as mine.

Something pretty exciting happened at MRV this past weekend. Two of our residents, Del Goodrich and Arlene Boucher, took the plunge and got married. Congratulations to you both. The wedding took place at St. Joseph’s and the reception was in the MRV clubhouse. Many of Del’s and Arlene’s family were here to share the joy of the occasion. The clubhouse was beautifully decorated by Melody in blue and purple. The meal was catered by a delightful lady and her assistant from Moore Haven, and boy was it delicious!! The desserts were made by Patti and a member of Arlene’s family. Wish you could have been here. A good time was enjoyed by all, and best of all we who are here have the privilege of eating the leftovers Tuesday evening for dinner. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Goodrich! (Del and Arlene)

Work continues in preparation for the upcoming season. The rain is falling and the grass keeps growing. There are noticeable things taking place that I will not tell you about, you’ll have to see for yourself. I want you to be surprised.

Reservations are still coming in so if you have not made up your mind, I urge you not to tarry too long or you might miss out on a great winter.

Good things are being planned for the enjoyment of all. We are diligently working to get our activities in place. I know the website shows that all of our normal activities are still taking place this summer. This is not true and if this computer person (dummy) finally figures out the editing of the website it will look different. Be patient, I’ll get it. Isn’t it exciting to get your activity sheet and newsletter by computer, no more sheets of paper lying around or getting misplaced? We will be updated very soon.

If there is an activity that you would enjoy and it is not offered, please let us know and we will see what can be done to include it.

Well, once again, this lady has been very gabby so I think I will sign off for now.

Looking forward to your visit!

Theda and the MRV managers


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